Engaging America’s Global Leadership (EAGL) encourages strong U.S. leadership in the United Nations and other international organizations. In particular, we champion transparent policymaking processes that rely on evidence-based solutions and involve all stakeholders, including the private sector.


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"It’s critical we continue to incentivize medical innovation and coalesce around strong partnerships that leverage the unique strengths that both the public and private sectors have to offer." Agreed-partnerships will be key to overcoming the pandemic.

The #privatesector has a key role to play in identifying innovative solutions to facilitate the current global pandemic response. It is encouraging to see governments worldwide leverage private sector expertise.

"The private sector needs to act, and these donations are part of our longstanding history of providing support to public health organizations," says @Clorox CEO Benno Dorer. "We must all work together to battle this pandemic." #coronavirus #privatesector

The Future Food Initiative, a joint research program led by @Nestle, @Bühler_Group, and @Givaudan alongside Swiss universities, works toward #SDG2 by educating and training new talent to foster innovative food & nutrition research projects #Partners4SDGs

"Regulatory systems for medicines and other health technologies are an essential part of well-functioning health systems and are a requisite for achieving Universal Health and the Sustainable Development Goals." Read more about this model here:

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