Engaging America’s Global Leadership (EAGL) encourages strong U.S. leadership in the United Nations and other international organizations. In particular, we champion transparent policymaking processes that rely on evidence-based solutions and involve all stakeholders, including the private sector.


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Good read on @WEF from @FAO and @EBRD: #COVID19 shows the importance of investing in #foodsystems, eliminating #tradebarriers, strengthening #foodsafety, and supporting food producers to promote sustainability and resiliency.

#IOE100 @EKiresepi kicks off a digital summit, graced by @antonioguterres @GuyRyder. I joined a panel to discuss “Words into actions: Transformation on the ground”. I will reflect on our remarkable partnership with the Gov of Kenya 🇰🇪👉🏽 The SDG Public Private Partnership Platform


Science and evidence-based making has to be at the center of @WHO policymaking, programming and recommendation -- so the creation of this group represents a positive, important step forward.

Critical to see coordination between @WHO, @WIPO and @WTO to ensure comprehensive, fact-based discussions on #innovation and #health to ensure solutions that promote life-saving #innovation, pro-growth #trade policies and promote #publichealth.


WHO, WIPO, WTO launch updated study on access to medical technologies and innovation #WTOPublications #IntellectualProperty

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