Engaging America’s Global Leadership (EAGL) encourages strong U.S. leadership in the United Nations and other international organizations. In particular, we champion transparent policymaking processes that rely on evidence-based solutions and involve all stakeholders, including the private sector.


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January is the time for resolutions. Snack maker @MDLZ will offer more treats in smaller portions and with less sugar, in smaller pack sizes and with prominent portion suggestions. By 2025, 20% of their products will be in portion controlled packs.

With #EB145 on the horizon, learn more about how the #privatesector is committed to helping achieve #UHC. Businesses must have a seat at the table so they can contribute innovative solutions to the challenges ahead.

As we look forward to #EB145, @KennethThorpe's advice to global leaders ahead of #EB144 still rings true - tackling global health challenges requires the inclusion of all stakeholders. #WHOEB

As world leaders work to achieve #UHC, read @JeffSturchio's and Louis Galambos' piece on why policymakers must work towards policies that are inclusive, transparent, and evidence-based to solve the world's most pressing health challenges:

Private sector partners commit billions to advance the #ICPD agenda. That's billions with a B. v. @UNFPA

#ICPD25 #NairobiSummit #DecadeOfAction

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