Engaging America’s Global Leadership (EAGL) encourages strong U.S. leadership in the United Nations and other international organizations. In particular, we champion transparent policymaking processes that rely on evidence-based solutions and involve all stakeholders, including the private sector.


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New report by @ICCA_Chem shows that chemistry-based solutions could cut global #CO2 emissions by one quarter by 2050. Take a look to learn more about the solutions #ChemistryCan provide👇

Companies seeking to cut plastic use, such as @CocaCola and @InterfaceInc, are tapping a vast source of raw materials: plastics found in the ocean. A great example of a #privatesector initiative!

Earlier this year, plastics and consumer goods makers pledged $1.5 billion through @EndPlasticWaste to rein in plastic waste. Businesses have a key role in joint efforts to improve plastic waste management. #COP25 #PSBOS

The @FAO and @Danone have agreed to work together to improve global nutrition and food safety knowledge. They will promote responsible agricultural value chains for more sustainable food systems. Sharing data and knowledge will help advance #SDG2 efforts.

Up to 95% of global plastic waste in the ocean originates from just 10 rivers. With the new Platform for Science-Based Ocean Solutions launching at #COP25, learn more about what the #privatesector is doing to end plastic waste:

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