January 11, 2021

EAGL Coalition Congratulates President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

The Engaging America’s Global Leadership (EAGL) coalition congratulates President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris for their victory in the presidential election, and for their clear commitment to strong U.S. leadership on the multilateral stage.

As a broad coalition of U.S. manufacturers and industries that employ millions of American workers, we strongly support a robust, stable and rules-based international system and multilateral institutions that are transparent, focused, effective and inclusive of all stakeholders, including the private sector.  Such institutions promote peace, stability, and economic growth, and provide a critical forum to advance U.S. global interests and economic competitiveness.

We look forward to working with President-elect Biden and his incoming team, including experienced leaders such as Tony Blinken and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, to advance U.S. interests on the global stage and to fight for manufacturers.  These efforts should include constructive U.S. engagement with our global partners to better tackle global challenges and to reform global institutions to deliver on their core missions. 

The EAGL coalition strongly supports U.S. leadership to advance reforms at these organizations to ensure that their activities are transparent, mission-focused, science- and evidence-based, inclusive of the private sector, and in alignment with U.S. interests and priorities.

American leadership on the global stage is more critical now than ever before, given the nature of our global challenges. We stand ready to work with the incoming administration to strengthen U.S. leadership and advance U.S. manufacturing on the global stage.