About Us

Engaging America’s Global Leadership (EAGL) is a broad coalition of U.S. manufacturers and industries that employ millions of American workers. The coalition is focused on fostering effective U.S. leadership in the United Nations (U.N.), U.N. agencies and other global institutions to ensure these institutions are transparent, accountable, and undertake activities and develop recommendations based on science- and evidence-based processes. EAGL champions activities and outcomes in global forums that strengthen and promote growth of manufacturing and jobs – while opposing the rising tide of damaging activities that undermine U.S. manufacturing competitiveness and jobs and weaken the United States’ global economic leadership.

American leadership in these institutions is needed now more than ever. When operating transparently and in line with their core missions and strengths, organizations such as the U.N. and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) play important roles in promoting a fairer, more stable, and rules-based international system that supports manufacturing competitiveness and jobs in the United States.

U.S. strategic leadership should ensure that these institutions stay focused on their core missions, are accountable to member states such as the United States, operate transparently, develop effective policy recommendations based on evidence, and engage the private sector to develop practical and sustainable solutions to global challenges. From initiatives proposing specific policies that are not based on sound science to declarations and reports that promote discriminatory price controls to attempts to shut out engagement with the private sector and initiatives designed to weaken innovation, many initiatives at these organizations:

  • Reach beyond each agency’s core mission and duplicate or conflict with work in other fora;
  • Pursue regulatory agendas that undermine U.S. competitiveness;
  • Lack transparent, accountable, evidence-based and/or rigorous processes; and
  • Have increased barriers to private sector participation.

To ensure fair competition for manufacturers in the United States and work to move forward to tackle foreign market distorting activities, the U.S. government must strive for leadership and strategic action in global institutions that addresses the source of such distortions.

Whether pursuing a proactive trade enforcement agenda or representing the United States in U.N. bodies, America’s diplomats and elected officials must stand up for manufacturing, hold international organizations accountable and drive progress and reforms that make a difference to America’s industries and workers.

EAGL and the manufacturing industries it represents call on the Administration and Congress to upgrade their oversight, strategic engagement and leadership in global institutions to ensure outcomes that will grow America’s manufacturing competitiveness.